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May 12, 2017 at 11:32 #1

The DG-UFC won't connect for the first time  installing it.

I did everything what the manuel said, and reset it more then 10 times, still no connection.

The android APP U-CAM installed nicely and i made a  new account.

Logging into this account works perfect,

The camera  sounds: ting,ting,ting, and the green led is flashing on the cam.

So far so good.

I connect to my router and fill in the password.

After this it goes wrong.

Almost at once the screen on my android switch to this screen below:

When i press to go back and fill in the router pasword it goes to this screen again and again.

I have received 2 new UFC cams and they both have the same problem.


Is this an app or camera problem?

Thanks Pieter.

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Jun 12, 2017 at 01:19 #2
For the WiFi configuration of UFC,we wish to provide you the following information,
1. make sure to use the 2.4g network/router
2. make sure to use the wifi with psw,UFC does not support the wifi without psw,and contains no special characters
3. make sure to turn on the Buetooth 
4.make sure the power is 5V2A enough,because some adapter are not 2A enough even they claim that
5. If fail, try to ----1) reset it,and the steps above  2) change other adapters to make sure it is 5V2A really

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